Use Cases

Check out how Citta Enterprise AI engine helps your business to improve using powerful artificial intelligence capabilities and make your business easy

Enhance the SharePoint experience using CITTA.AI
  • Use Case: Use AI to make SharePoint smarter. AI powered bot can take up all L1 activities like assigning permission, generating reports, removing disabled users. BOT also helps in querying SharePoint farm, corporate calendars and returning the apt response for users of the system
CITTA.AI deployed for a very large enterprise improves productivity of the HR department
  • Use case: CITTA.AI engine facilitates users to raise a request using multiple communication channels. The engine has helped the HR department in reducing their work by 70%. Instead of verifying each case, HR department now only verifies specific cases which are flagged by the engine.
Infusing Non-Profit organization with artificial intelligence, to take appropriate actions on time
  • Use case: Facilitates users to raise a request using multiple communication channels. AI Engine analyse the content by understanding the context and recognizing the sentiment, emotion and priority of the message. BOT can also be trained to calculate these parameters for efficiently.
Inspections and Maintenance
  • uses video analytics and machine learning to collect data from remote sensors to model and predict risks, such as mechanical failures, potential breakdowns or public safety threats
  • This saves the investigator time by pinpointing higher likelihood cases, and in that way, the investigator can take preemptive action
  • This results in safer working conditions, higher production levels, lower operating costs and more effective incident investigations.
Fraud & Risk Management in Government Agencies
  • Public Sector organizations can better combat fraudulent claims by using Machine Learning to analyze behaviors to identify emerging trends in fraud and abuse so that agencies can act before they cause significant damage
  • Through the use of machine learning, is able to analyze case files and interview transcripts to identify specific attributes associated with high-risk groups and monitor for suspicious transactions using these criteria
Competency Assessment & Targeted Recruiting in Government Agencies
  • Government Agencies can streamline the new hire process using machine learning to extract and understand behavioral attribute patterns from a candidate’s digital interview through audio, video, and text analysis
  • helps identify applicants with the right skills and behavioral attributes for future job success, reducing the recruiting process cycle time
Avoiding Claims Payout Leakages using and RPA
  • Insurance agents upload images associated with the claims such as those of a damaged car, and an estimate of how much they think the client should receive as a payout based on the damage in the image
  • compares the uploaded image to a backlog of images of various severities of damage and the payouts associated with them
  • then triggers an RPA Bot that checks in the core system if the insurance agent’s payout estimate is more than the payout that other clients received for similarly damaged vehicles
  • Agent can then decrease the payout that they intend to provide the client based on the payouts that past clients received for similarly damaged vehicles

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